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Won't Fall Down (2001)

Engineered and Produced by The Plunge
Mixed by Jim Robeson except "I'm Rich, I Work for the County" and "Gaslamp" mixed by Heidi Gerber
Mastered by Charlie Pilzer
CD Cover design by Michael Drake

Released on Wave Records



high low
Don't Be Afraid (3:13)
Right Here (3:29)  
Flu Song (2:54)      
The Reach (4:07)
Lost in Space (4:07)  
Without You (3:10)      
Light It Up (2:55)  
I'm Rich, I Work for the County (2:02)  
Gaslamp (3:40)      
Laugh It Up Rupert (3:25)
A Little Closer (3:38)
Tell Me (3:07)    
Hippie Love Chick (3:38)  

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