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Spankys | Barefoot Pelican | Lulus | Ned Devine's
great places to catch the Plunge (check our schedule!)

Big Boss Man
great band out of Richmond with a strange yet entertaining website

A hard-rock outfit supported by Jagermeister. Cool guys...incredible show.

High View Studios
Drew Mazurek's recording studio - Drew knows Pro Tools

Emmet Swimming
great local band making good for themselves

Brian Transeau - producer who used to bang on "For Sale" signs to make music.

Thievery Corporation
Rob Garza is THE NOBJ guru

World Flight Productions
a killer recording studio in Bethesda MD run by Chris Byrdy

Bands On The Web
The definitive resource for checking out local bands

Washington Post Mp3 section
Washington Post Mp3 section with full versions of our tunes

Digital City Washington
review us here after going to a show!
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